At home in Colorado Springs

At home in Colorado Springs

Juror's Choice, Denver Botanical Garden Glass Show


Artist Statement

I’ve always loved the transparent beauty of colored glass. It was just natural that it came to be my artistic medium. The first time I walked through a glass warehouse I was overwhelmed by the variety of hues and textures and the sheer beauty of so much wonderful glass. I experimented with glass blowing, fusing, bead making, torch work - anything to do with glass. I accumulated a lot of scrap glass, but put off making a mosaic because for me the beauty of glass is all about how it interacts with light, which is absent in a solid mosaic object.

Once I discovered I could mosaic on a sheet of glass and maintain the transparency, that was it. It’s what I love to do!

I love the freedom the mosaic method gives me to create with glass. I don’t design it first, I just start laying out pieces until I like the line and flow, always free to change my mind on design and color. It’s like ”painting” with little pieces of glass. Each mosaic creates itself as the design organically evolves. Each placement of glass inspires the next.

I want to capture and transform my visual experience into a glass mosaic design. How can I capture the beauty of the Arizona desert in a mosaic window to hang in my Colorado home? My mountain flower basket series was inspired by the beautiful flower baskets in Colorado mountain towns every summer and my desire to experience them all year round!

While doing artshows my booth is full of bright, vibrant, colorful glass. People say it makes them happy. My customers say the same. I’m a glass lover making glass mosaic windows for other glass lovers. That makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy, too!